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P&I Fruits Limited are proud to sponsor Team GB’s Victoria Vincent

Victoria has had a great year so far! VV had amazing success in the finals of the British Gas Diving Championships in Sheffield, winning her first senior title, despite only being 13. VV scored an impressive 70.00 points for her Reverse 2 ½ Somersaults. She then executed an excellent Front 3 ½ Somersaults Piked to finish with 310.70, which won her the gold medal!

“It is a really great feeling to win the gold here today,” Victoria said. “I’m a junior diver so you don’t expect to win at a senior competition. I had no expectations going into today. I was just hoping to get into the final but coming first is just the icing on the cake really. I was quite nervous ahead of the final because I really wanted to dive well and consistently. I just really wanted to do well in this competition. I never thought I would score over 300 this weekend so it was a really good performance for me.”

VV has also been featured on BBC spotlight, after her first major international competition in Dresden Germany this year. VV was too young to compete abroad, but was given special dispensation to take part and went on to win the gold again!

Together with British Swimming’s website, VV has also now been featured in the Guardian on 19th July, who interviewed her on the commencement of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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